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We make it easier and safer for workers to handle manufacturing and assembly jobs with smart, integrated, work positioning solutions.

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Productivity Through Ergonomics

Investment in employee health and safety pays dividends and adds to the overall company profitability over the long haul. Ergotronix has developed unique ergonomic solutions that offer a safer, more efficient, and productive workplace.

Ergotronix smart solutions resolve common challenges typically found in today’s factories. If the application involves just a mere pound or tens of thousands of pounds, Ergotronix innovative solutions for solving lift, transport, manipulation, and positioning issues, are found in many Fortune 500 companies, while alleviating worker strain, fatigue, and injury.

Compact Lift Transporter

Ergo Tranz®


  • Lift and transports work load up to 600 lbs
  • Compact, light-weight hand truck
  • Heavy Duty Battery power for lift and other desired electric work manipulations
  • Eliminates body strain of manual work effort
  • Adaptable to a variety of standard and custom end-effectors
  • Built-in safety features