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BMH equipment invites you to explore how to increase warehouse productivity, fulfill orders efficiently, and improve picking accuracy saving time and money with Modula’s warehouse storage solutions

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Modula advanced automated storage
& retrieval systems

Modula made in USA

Modula’s automated storage and retrieval systems are made in the USA and will transform your material handling. They will increase your productivity, accuracy, reduce your storage space requirements, and enhance worker safety and job satisfaction.

These storage and management systems are easy to operate and integrate with several “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) systems, “Material Requirements Planning” (MRP), “Warehouse Management Systems” (WMS), and “Demand Management Systems” (DMS). Providing visibility into inventory status, key operational parameters, and other maintenance requirements, allow businesses to operate more efficiently.

Lifts and carousels

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

A Modula VLM is an automated vertical storage system that takes up a minimal amount of space. These systems can store large quantities of products in a safe, secure environment and making them available to the operators in an elegant way with a scan of a barcode or one touch of the user-friendly Copilot controller.

This feature takes away the need to search for items on shelves in the warehouse. The right part is delivered to the right person at the proper ergonomic height: efficiency and productivity are increased, picking errors are drastically reduced. Thanks to this technology, the factory floor space can be used for other important jobs like manufacturing.

Modula Horizontal Carousel

Modula Horizontal Carousel

Modula horizontal carousels are ideal for high-speed order fulfilment applications as well as any low-ceiling environment.

The Modula Horizontal Carousel New Generation (HC) brings a new level of performance, reliability and safety to high-speed picking operations where ceiling height is limited. The Modula HC is equipped with a digital Copilot that makes item retrieval fast and easy, and integrates with the Modula WMS and visual picking aids to maximize productivity and accuracy.

Additional products

Modula warehouse software solutions

Modula warehouse software solutions

Modula provides a range of advanced warehouse management, remote support and analytics solutions that deliver automated materials handling and complete inventory management solutions to organizations in the automotive, consumer, energy, industrial, pharmaceutical, public, retail, transportation and other sectors.

Easy to install and operate, Modula’s solutions seamlessly integrate with our customers’ existing ERP, MRP, WMS and DMS platforms.

Modula Storage system customization options

Modula Storage system customization options

Modula offers a variety of add-on options to take further advantage of the capabilities our main products provide. These options drive productivity, ease administrative tasks, and enhance the work environment.

Take your material handling to the next level



Recover wasted floor space, maximize payloads, customize warehouse configurations, then reposition and rescale as needed.



Reduce handling errors, improve stock management, save time and enhance security with cutting-edge technology that’s easy to operate.



Ensure safety and reduce stress with ergonomic designs and functionality that increases worker satisfaction, as well as productivity.

Modula carousel warehouse system

Modula case studies

Safran airport

Safran elevates aircraft maintenance operations with 7 Modula vertical lift modules

Kerr Compressor

Kerr Compressor Saves Space and Boosts Efficiency with Two Modula Vertical Lift Modules


Subaru of New England Revs up Its Parts Distribution With Modula VLMs