Our storage Case studies

BMH Equipment is dedicated to helping clients, in various industries, meet their spacing needs effectively, while serving as a dependable resource throughout the length of the project. We are proud to highlight recent projects and customers to help you determine which high-density storage solution is right for your business.

high density storage projects

UC Davis Medical Center: High-density Storage

UC Davis Medical Center Warehouse

BMH Equipment designed and implemented a 22,000 square foot Mobile High Density Storage System.

UC Berkeley EntomologyShelving Solution


The department of Entomology at UC Berkeley contacted bmh Equipment for their latest storage needs.

UC Berkeley Zoology Mobile Shelving


The Zoology department at UC Berkeley was looking to store a portion of their collection in a small room with limited ceiling height.

UC Berkeley Anthropology: High-Density Mobile Shelving

UC BERKELEY anthropology

Clearly one of our most challenging and rewarding projects that included precision planning, award-winning logistics, and customer service.

UC Berkeley Gardner Library Storage


We converted a large area of fixed shelving in the Gardner Library to a mobile high-density shelving system.

UC Berkeley East Asian Library Storage Solution

Uc Berkeley East Asian Library

The East Asian Library at UC Berkeley contacted bmh Equipment for a drawer cabinet storage solution.

UC Berkeley Art Screens: Art Racks


How to store hundreds of priceless tableaux works of art off-campus? You create a system of their Art Racks that breaks ground on a new guidance system for the existing rollers to supply a new and superior product to take care of our customer

San Francisco Art Commission: Art Screens & Shelving

San Francisco Art Commission

How to help a dynamic, local Bay Area public art institution create a combination storage and work area in a basement room with challenging utilities in the ceiling. Tim Lujan and Shane Chang worked together to meet these needs and challenges.

Redding Police Personnel Lockers

Redding Police Department

As part of a large-scale upgrade of the storage facilities in this Northern California City’s Police Department, BMH Equipment inc created a design for both personnel lockers as well as evidence storage.

Butte County High Density Mobile Shelving

Butte County Hall of Records

The County facility had run out of space and needed more records kept safe. We were able to compact their footprint and doubled their storage. 

Gambling Control - Electrical Mobile Storage Solution

Gambling Control

The Department of Justice needed more space for evidence and BMH Equipment inc designed an electrical mobile storage system for the larger items needing storage awaiting trial. Also, a smaller evidence locker system by Tiffin for handling the drop-off items that came in each day.

Marin Emergency Facility: Evidence & Personnel Lockers

Marin Emergency Operations Facility

Bmh Equipment, Inc. installed a variety of storage equipment for the Marin Emergency Operations Facility in San Rafael, CA.

Beale Air Force Base warehouse storage

Beale Air Force Base

Rather than building a new warehouse, the U.S. Air Force contracted bmh Equipment, Inc. to maximize its existing storage capacity.

SF Maritime Museum: Warehouse Mobile Shelving

San Francisco Maritime Museum

What do you do when you run out of space for miscellaneous sea going craft, anchors and history making items that won’t fit in the museum? You build a huge Pallet Rack system to store it all.

North Face Mobile Shelving System

North Face

You might not want to keep bits of cloth at home after your sewing projects were over. But if you were a famous recreational clothing manufacturer, keeping successful examples for future evaluation, you might want to get one of these.

Mountain View PD: High-density Storage

Mountain View Police Department

BMH Equipment installed an Electric Mobilex High Density Storage System for the Mountain View Police Department.

Greenberg Traurig Solution: Library Shelving System

Greenberg Traurig Attorneys At Law

BMH Equipment designed and implemented a Handsome Library Shelving System.

Armijo HS Library Shelving & Storage

Armijo High School

The Armijo Highschool was getting a new library. And BMH Equipment inc was getting something too….the chance of a lifetime to build a curved wall of library shelving.

Antelope HS Mobile Shelving

Antelope Roseville Joint Union High School

Effectively utilizing the odd shaped room and making it into a functional book storage area.

Mason & Thomas: High-density File System

Mason & Thomas Law Office

BMH Equipment assisted to design and specify a Quadramobile High Density File System that decreased the amount of square footage needed for file storage by 50%.

Sutter Records: High-density Mobile Tracks

Sutter Records Management

BMH Equipment implemented a system consisting of Mobilex High Density Track and Carriages to mobilize Sutter Records’s existing rivet style shelving