Industries storage solutions

BMH Equipment solutions can be applied to many different sectors and we have worked with a wide range of industries in the past 40 years.

The INDUSTRIES WE work with

Libraries shelving solutions


Textbook storage, drama sets, and costume pieces, administration’s records, campus police departments storage lockers, mailrooms and libraries, all can be assisted by our design team. 

Healthcare solutions mobile shelving


Apply the most effective treatment on the market to upgrade the storage of: files, equipment and material at your healthcare facility or hospital. As a storage leader, BMH Equipment inc can provide you with efficient and space saving systems that address all your concerns.

Sports equipment storage solutions


Proper athletic equipment storage doesn’t just set your team up for a successful season, it’s a representation of your program and players. No matter how big or small your space is, the way you store, organize, and protect your gear and equipment makes a differences.

High-density mobile shelving


Modular casework, day lockers or movable workstations will transform your office in no time. Or if you have vertical space, carousels or lifts can utilize space above your ceilings and offer security, ergonomics productivity and safety. Call us for your free consultation!

Military storage solutions


Organize your military supplies and equipment with strategic attention to detail using our versatile, ready to go high density shelving and racking systems. See how you can use our storage solutions to help improve logistics and administration by facilitating rapid access and deployment.

SF Maritime Museum: Warehouse Mobile Shelving


Why not upgrade to the next-generation manufacturing plant by incorporating high-density mobile shelving and racking systems with remote control software? That’s only one of the many options and features our mobile storage systems can offer your manufacturing plant to maximize its efficiency and raise productivity.

Museum storage solutions


Designed and engineered to house a variety of museum collections, our high density conservation storage solutions are incontestably the ideal mobile or static storage solutions for maximum conservation and security.

Government storage solutions


Evidence grows and grows, but evidence rooms stay the same size. High-density mobile systems let you dramatically increase your storage space without expanding your current footprint.

Montel mobile vertical grow rack systems


Optimize your space, improve your production efficiency and consistency, and preserve your cultivated products longer, with one of our customizable indoor vertical farming solutions.


UC Berkeley Anthropology: high-density museum storage

UC BERKELEY anthropology

Clearly one of our most challenging and rewarding projects that included precision planning, award-winning logistics, and customer service.

Marin Facility: Personnel Lockers & High-Density Mobile Shelving

Marin Emergency Operations Facility

BMH Equipment, Inc. installed a variety of storage equipment for the Marin Emergency Operations Facility in San Rafael, CA.

Beale Air Force Base warehouse storage

Beale Air Force Base

Rather than building a new warehouse, the U.S. Air Force contracted bmh Equipment, Inc. to maximize its existing storage capacity.