Education storage solutions

Build a compact, safe and smart space-saving solution that makes the most of your space and adapts to the changing needs of your educational institution.

Libraries shelving solutions aetnastak®

Whether you are designing a new athletic building, library, admin building or just renewing them, we have the storage expertise and equipment to assist you achieving your goal. Labs, gyms, libraries all need ways to keep things neat and tidy to assist the ever changing role of schools today.

Text book storage, drama sets and costume pieces, administration’s records, campus police departments storage lockers, mail rooms and libraries, all can be assisted by our design team.

mobile storage solutions

Our mobile storage systems offer you the safest and most efficient technology to store and organize your school supplies, educational equipment, library collections, administrative documents, sports equipment, and any or all other necessities. Whether you’re running an elementary school or high school, a college or a university, make the most out of your investment and resources without compromising the safety of students or staff. With our diverse high-density space-saving solutions, take the lead in the education sector by ensuring access to quality education and services, whether in or out of the classrooms.

High-density mobile shelving MOBILEX®

Libraries solutions

Montel mobile library solution

Do not settle for conventional library shelving and get the best compact library shelving available on the market. Facilitate access to your documents and maximize the use of your square footage with our mobile library shelvings.

Locker options

BMH Equipment inc has partnered with Tiffin Metal Products, Modular Millwork and Bradley to offer a complete line of high quality yet elegant lockers.

Modular Millwork Modular Lockers

modular furniture options

Modular Millwork Laboratories

BMH Equipment teamed up with Modular Millwork to offer custom solutions for flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective millwork systems for the modern class room.

Our products for education storage

Montel Educational Mobile storage


Make safety a priority while optimizing the storage of teaching equipment with our storage and shelving systems, mobile or fixed high-density systems, fully customizable, scalable, expandable and reconfigurable.

Montel Library Shelving Solutions


Optimize the storage of all your resources, from administrative documents in your office to the books and periodicals in your library, with our high-density mobile or static shelving solutions.

Montel magazine display shelvings


Make sure every piece of literature is kept prominently displayed and organized with our customizable range of shelving systems for magazines, periodicals, brochures and flyers display.

Montel rare books movable shelving system


Optimize storage of all your rare book and special manuscript collections with our high-density shelving solutions that generate cost savings by saving space. Their convenient design facilitates organizing and retrieving what you need, when you need it, and with the utmost care.

Montel Hi-Bay shelving system


Off-site book depositories and archival warehouses represent more than just a place to store volumes and documents. They are also a critical investment. Meet your needs and budget with our innovative range of compact high-density systems.

Modula automated vertical lifts

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Securing items such as weapons and medical supplies, as well as protecting records and confidential documents, is made possible with Modula’s enclosed vertical lift modules, which maximize space and drive efficiency.