Office storage solutions

Take advantage of our hight-density space-saving systems to provide your business with a sustainable, secure, high-capacity solution.

High-density mobile shelving MOBILEX®

Choosing the right storage systems for your office can make a positive difference to your organization. Businesses and offices face many efficiency challenges including rising real-estate costs, lack of floor space, low productivity, inflexibility, and declining morale. Sometimes, we dream of a paperless office. But when we wake up, we have to admit that there’s no stopping the flood of incoming mail, files, records, and office supplies.

BMH Equipment inc can help you create the safe, secure, organized, and often high-density storage that is essential to today’s businesses.

Office Cabinets Shelvings

We believe that a storage cabinet should be much more than just a piece of furniture—it should be a dynamic storage solution tailored to suit a precise function. That’s why we have developed a variety of unique storage cabinets drawing upon our in-depth knowledge of the storage industry. Each product is carefully designed to complement the environment where it will be used and deliver greater functionality than conventional cabinets. Organize your equipment intelligently inside ultra-resistant and innovative cabinets, for heavy or light loads, with drawers, wheels, or hinged doors, and enjoy the full potential of your surface.

UC Berkeley East Asian Library Storage Solution

Workplace mobile storage solutions

Monel conservation storage solutions

Improve productivity and performance with our intelligent high-density shelving and filing systems that optimize capacity and adapt to your business’s changing needs. By choosing the right system, you can make a positive difference to your organization. Our compact mobile and static solutions provide storage that both makes the most of your space and adapts as your needs evolve. Whatever the nature of your business, they could help you build productivity, innovation and teamwork; consolide staff, equipment and files; maximize control and security; and open up more space for operations through more efficient storage.

Office Racks & shelvings

BMH Equipment can provide products from a variety of different manufacturers, each specializing in a particular type of racking and/or shelving to ensure that the customer has a large and versatile selection of products to choose from to best suit what is being stored, where it is being stored, and how it needs to be stored. This gives us a lot of leeway in recommending racking and storage products appropriately to your office or workplace. 

Montel high density filing system

modular furniture options

Montel high density filing system

BMH Equipment teamed up with Modular Millwork to offer custom solutions for flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective millwork systems for your office space.

Our products for office storage

Montel Office Administration Storage


Choosing the right storage system can make a positive difference to your organization. And to get the most of your space, our mobile or static compact solutions are the industry benchmark.

Montel Mobile Bag Shelving


Our high density mobile shelving and racking solutions can increase the storage capacity of a luggage room by more than 250%. See how our mobile storage systems are the ideal practical and compact solution for you.

Montel IT Department Shelving


Low on storage space in your IT Department? Our smart high-density storage solutions will securely condense your stored items and uncover the space needed to grow your business.

Montel magazine display shelvings


Make sure every piece of literature is kept prominently displayed and organized with our customizable range of shelving systems for magazines, periodicals, brochures and flyers display.

Montel Hi-Bay shelving system


Off-site book depositories and archival warehouses represent more than just a place to store volumes and documents. They are also a critical investment. Meet your needs and budget with our innovative range of compact high-density systems.