Warehouse storage solutions

Improve your productivity and inventory management with our comprehensive high-density static and mobile racking and shelving systems. Compact and built to last, our storage solutions are installations you can rely on.

By updating your warehouse’s storage, you will gain extra space, save on storage costs and maximize the efficiency of your working teams on the ground. Discover our compact mobile and static storage systems, pallets racking systems, versatile shelving systems, and other high-density storage solutions, which all offer your warehouse infinite ways to store objects of all shapes and sizes perfectly. See how you can expand your production and storage areas without expanding your premises!

Warehouse Material handling equipment options

Rack Engineering Division (RED) specializes in the manufacturing of racking and storage solutions that are heavy-duty and constructed to endure high capacities and tough industrial environments. 

SF Maritime Museum: Warehouse Mobile Shelving

warehouse mobile storage solutions

Montel military vehicles Storage

Maximize the use of available space, whether to increase storage capacity, free up room for production or other uses, or get rid of space you do not need to pay for, with innovative high-density space-saving solutions. Did you know our mobile systems will free up to 50% off the storage capacity of your space? Unlike conventional systems with fixed aisles, our compact Montel mobile systems allow you to close up aisles when you don’t need to access them; this eliminates wasted areas and optimizes your space. Our various mobile shelving products can be mounted on mobile carriages according to your requirements. With infinitely configurable layouts, in length, height and depth, and high-capacity racking and shelving solutions that support your growth, anything is possible!

warehouse Racks and shelvings options

BMH can provide products from a variety of different manufacturers, each specializing in a particular type of racking and/or shelving to ensure that the customer has a large and versatile selection of products to choose from to best suit what is being stored, where it is being stored, and how it needs to be stored. This gives BMH a lot of leeway in recommending racking and storage products appropriately to where they are best suited.

Montel high-density warehouse storage

Carousels and vertical lift for warehouses

Modula automated vertical lifts

Companies in the mechanical industry turn to carousels and vertical lifts to free up warehouse floor space and utilize vertical space for extra parts, manufacturing components, kits and units, and more to meet their high standards for quality and security. Stored in vertical lift modules, items are kept safe and secure on trays that can hold up to 2,200 pounds. Our Modula automated delivery systems speed processes, drive efficiency, and enhance the work environment.

warehouse Hand truck solutions

As a hand truck and dolly supplier, BMH Equipment brings decades of experience in recommending the best solution to mobility issues. Whether it is for package delivery, beverage delivery or simple warehouse work, we have selected the winners in ergonomics, longevity and ease of use from several notable manufactures like Magliner.

magliner hand trucks & carts

Our products for Warehouse storage

Montel pallet mobile racking storage systems


Our industrial high-density mobile storage systems designed for pallet racking can boost your storage capacity by 50% and maximize productivity without compromising selectivity or efficiency.

Montel high-density warehouse storage


Thanks to our aeronautical expertise, we take you even higher. Our compact customizable storage solutions will allow you to maximize your space, time and performance.

Warehouse mobile storage systems for beer kegs


Gain operational efficiency with smarter and more compact high-density storage. Preserve your investment and maintain your beer’s superior quality.

mobile racking systems for cold storage


Treat your products with the utmost care with high-density mobile shelving and racking solutions for cold storage.

industrial storage systems


Our industrial storage systems offer your warehouses the best storage with a vast number of possible customizable and reconfigure solutions, all adapted to your specific needs. Organize your supplies in an orderly fashion with our high-density solutions.

Inventory management for warehouses


Inventory management is the backbone of your success, and storage is the most essential part of your SKUs management. Yet this storage crucially needs to be adapted your reality and needs. That’s what our storage solutions all are about!

high density shelving for distribution centers


See how a well-designed and organized storage system can allow you to maximize your response time and improve the efficiency of your teams on the ground. Our high density shelving and racking systems are the solution to your warehouse’s mission of distributing goods!

Montel military vehicles Storage


Maximize your manufacturing productivity with intelligent storage of supplies, materials and equipment using our high-density, customizable mobile and static solutions.

Montel high-density warehouse storage


Storage is at the center or your success. From receiving, to picking, to shipping, make storage a dependable link in the supply chain for your third-party logistics provider with our durable, high-density industrial racking and shelving systems.

Montel Hi-Bay shelving system


Off-site book depositories and archival warehouses represent more than just a place to store volumes and documents. They are also a critical investment. Meet your needs and budget with our innovative range of compact high-density systems.


Vidir  Carousels

Vidir carousels in warehouse and distribution environments are typically designed as inventory management systems. Whether they are being used to store reels of cable or to store designer garments the systems will increase your inventory control, reduce labour requirements, and reduce shrinkage by implementing controlled access systems.

Modula automated vertical lifts

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

The demands for security and quality assurance are causing government and public facilities to adopt lean inventory and logistics models. Securing items, protecting records and confidential documents, is made possible with Modula’s enclosed vertical lift modules, which maximize space and drive efficiency.