Our solutions

We love storage issues as our expertise is finding the best storage solution for our clients.

bmh storage solutions

High-density mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving Systems

Recover up to half of your valuable floor and volume space or double your storage capacity. By optimizing the use of available space, you’ll increase your storage capacity and free up valuable room.

Rack & Shelvings: Warehouse storage

Racks and Shelvings

We have an endless options of Racks and Shelvings possibilities at your disposal. Together we will decided which are the best for your business.

Modula automated vertical lifts

Carousels and Vertical Lifts

BMH Equipment invites you to explore how to increase warehouse productivity, fulfil orders efficiently, and improve picking accuracy saving time and money with carousels & vertical lifts.

Montel storage & shelving cabinets

Cabinets & Caseworks

The most economical storage units we offer, cabinets and caseworks are designed with adjustable shelving for storage versatility.

Marin Emergency Facility: Evidence & Personnel Lockers


BMH Equipment inc has partnered with Tiffin Metal Products, Modular Millwork and Bradley to offer a complete line of high quality yet elegant lockers.

modular millwork modular furniture

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture is a custom solutions provider delivering flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective millwork systems for the modern workplace.

hand trucks and dollies

Hand Trucks & Dollies

As a hand truck and dolly supplier, BMH Equipment inc brings decades of experience in recommending the best solution to mobility issues. Whether it is for package delivery, beverage delivery or simple warehouse work, we have selected the winners in ergonomics, longevity and ease of use.

Wheels and Caster for material handling

Wheels & casters

Wheels and casters for every application! Swivel casters, fixed casters, heavy duty casters, light duty casters and much more.

Maritime Museum: Warehouse Mobile Shelving

Material Handling Equipment

Our specialty is providing custom storage solutions. We can make the standard sizes but we excel at customization.

Case studies


The Zoology department at UC Berkeley was looking to store a portion of their collection in a small room with limited ceiling height.

San Francisco Maritime Museum

What do you do when you run out of space for miscellaneous sea going craft, anchors and history making items that won’t fit in the museum? You build a huge Montel Pallet Rack system to store it all.

Armijo High School

The Armijo Highschool was getting a new library. And BMH Equipment inc was getting something too….the chance of a lifetime to build a curved wall of library shelving.