cabinets & caseworks

The most economical storage units we offer, cabinets and caseworks are designed with adjustable shelving for storage versatility.

Our cabinets & caseworks solutions

Modular laboratories from Modular Millwork


Our unique modular design let you have the specific functional layout you need for efficiency.

Montel storage & shelving cabinets


We offer a complete range of storage cabinets for all types of materials.

Modular Millwork casework

Flexible furniture

All our furniture varies based on your specific needs and requirements.

Molular Millwork mailroom solutions

 HD mail & Parcels

MultiSort high density mail racks give maximum capacity mail distribution in minimum floor space.

Steel Fixtures Standard Duty Cabinets

Standard Duty Cabinets

Standard Duty cases are designed with adjustable shelving for storage versatility.

Steel Fixtures Zoology Cases

Zoology Cases

Our Zoology Case is designed for zoological specimens.

Steel Fixtures Geological Storage Cabinets

Geological Storage Cabinets

The most versatile and general storage unit series we offer. 

Steel Fixtures Specimen Tanks

Specimen Tanks

We offer three standard size stainless steel tanks for the storage of specimens.

Steel Fixtures Entomology Cabinets

Entomology Cabinets

This series of cases is designed for storage of entomological specimens. 


Flat File Storage

Flat files are designed for the storage of textiles and oversize prints.

Steel Fixtures Herbarium Cabinets

Herbarium Cabinets

This series of cases is designed for conveniences of accessibility for herbarium samples.

Steel Fixtures Textile Storage

Textile Storage

Our Textile Racks are for storing rolled textiles. They are available in almost any size.

Steel Fixtures Vertebrate Cabinets

Vertebrate Cabinets

This series of cases is designed for the storage vertebrate and skin specimens.

Steel Fixtures Art Storage

Art Storage

Our Art Screens are designed to store framed art that you do not want to pack away.

Steel Fixtures Roller Shelving

Roller Shelving

Roller shelving is the traditional, proven method of storing large, heavy record books.

Steel Fixtures Document Files

Document Files

Document Files are convenient, time-tested storage for wills, deeds and other documents.

Steel Fixtures Microscope Slide & Microfilm Cabinet

Microscope Slide & Microfilm

Designed for the storage of glass slides & microfilms.

Montel light-duty drawer cabinets


Maximize your storage space and organize your items with our range of light-duty drawer storage cabinets.

Montel light-duty door cabinets


Our high-quality light-duty door storage cabinets provide a secure environment for your commercial spaces. Efficient and convenient, they can be configured to your specific needs using various accessories.

Montel museum storage cabinets


Save space and keep art, artifacts, rare books and more, protected and secure.


Marin Emergency Facility: Evidence & Personnel Lockers

Marin Emergency Operations Facility

BMH Equipment, Inc. installed a variety of storage equipment for the Marin Emergency Operations Facility in San Rafael, CA.

San Francisco Art Commission: Art Screens & Shelving

San Francisco Art Commission

How to help a dynamic, local Bay Area public art institution create a combination storage and work area in a basement room with challenging utilities in the ceiling. Tim Lujan and Shane Chang worked together to meet these needs and challenges.

Sutter Records: High-density Mobile Tracks

Sutter Records Management

BMH equipment implemented a system consisting of Montel’s Mobilex High Density Track and Carriages to mobilize Sutter Records’s existing rivet style shelving