Carousels & vertical lifts

BMH equipment invites you to explore how to increase warehouse productivity, fulfil orders efficiently, and improve picking accuracy saving time and money with carousels & vertical lifts.

Modula advanced automated storage
& retrieval systems

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Modula Lift

Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, the Lift is used by businesses everywhere to modernize their operations.

Modula slim

Modula slim

The most compact VLM on the market

A VLM design to fit small spaces, Modula Slim is the perfect choice for smaller settings in which floor space is at a premium, featuring the same functionality as the Lift.

Modula one-pick

Modula one-pick

Fully automated – no operator needed

The OnePick added a special picking bay to the Lift design, seamlessly integrating with rollers, conveyors, belts and other systems.

Modula Horizontal Carousel

Modula Horizontal Carousel

High-performance order fulfillment in low ceiling environments

The Modula Horizontal Carousel New Generation (HC) brings a new level of performance, reliability and safety to high-speed picking operations where ceiling height is limited

Vidir Carousels we provide

Vidir Pan Carousel

 Pan Carousel

Vidir Tire Carousel

 Tire Carousel

Vidir Wire Carousel

 Wire Carousel

Vidir Hospital Bedlift

Hospital Bedlift

Vidir Medical Supply Carousel

Medical Supply Carousel

Vidir Garment Carousel

 Garment Carousel


Shelving Carousel

Vidir Print Cylinder Carousel

Print Cylinder Carousel

Vidir Hollow Core Carousel

Hollow Core Carousel

Vidir Paint Can Carousel

Paint Can Carousel

Safran airport

Safran elevates aircraft maintenance operations with 7 Modula vertical lift modules

Kerr Compressor

Kerr Compressor Saves Space and Boosts Efficiency with Two Modula Vertical Lift Modules


Subaru of New England Revs up Its Parts Distribution With Modula VLMs