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BMH Equipment inc has distributed industrial & warehouse shelving systems since 1982. From lightweight to heavy-duty racks and shelvings, we offer solutions for all industries.

Organise and store

BMH Equipment inc has distributed industrial & warehouse shelving systems since 1982. Names like InterRoyal, Interlake, Rapid Rack, Nord Plan now are either vanished or merged with another company and completely changed. We have maintained and evolved with these upheavals and changes and now utilize Montel, and Rack Engineering for our stationary and mobile industrial & warehouse shelving systems to serve our customer’s needs.

We can provide products from a variety of different manufacturers, each specializing in a particular type of racking and/or shelving to ensure that the customer has a large and versatile selection of products to choose from to best suit what is being stored, where it is being stored, and how it needs to be stored. This gives us a lot of leeway in recommending racking and storage products appropriately to where they are best suited. Call or email for assistance, questions, or designs on racking and shelving within your industrial & warehouse systems.

Montel mobile vertical grow rack systems


Grow more. Make more. Save space. With our vertical high-density mobile cultivation systems, maximize your profit by optimizing your available space.

Montel vertical grow rack systems


Our compact vertical grow rack systems will allow you to grow more, save space, and bring blooming profits.

High-density mobile shelving


Recover up to half of your valuable floor and volume space or double your storage capacity. By optimizing the use of available space, you’ll increase your storage capacity and free up valuable room.

Montel high density filing system


Our high-density shelving systems offer a wide range of accessories and practical features which can be adapted to your specific needs.

Montel storage cabinets


We offer a complete range of storage cabinets for all types of materials. Systems include accessories that fit in multiple ways to meet your unique needs.

Montel art racks and screens


With our compact mobile and static art racks and screens, maximize your storage space while using minimal space.

Rack Engineering Crank Out Cantilever

Crank Out Cantilever

Safely store, stack, and retrieve long, pipe, tube, or bar stock

Rack Engineering Vertical Sheet Storage

Vertical Sheet Storage

Vertical sheet storage for metal fabrication.

Rack Engineering Glide-out


Safely access heavy items with ergonomic gliding drawers

Rack Engineering Press Brake Tool

Press Brake Tool Storage

Optimize production floor space with vertical storage solutions

Rack Engineering sheet stacker

Sheet Stacker

Sheet Metal Storage Solutions

Rack Engineering Sheetmaster


Heavy duty steel storage solution for metal fabrication

Rack Engineering Sheetmaster/Sheet Stacker

Sheetmaster/Sheet Stacker Combo

Stores bulk and sheet metal vertically

Rack Engineering Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Products

Standard and custom Stainless Steel storage solutions

Racks & shelvings case studies

Beale Air Force Base warehouse storage

Beale Air Force Base

Rather than building a new warehouse, the U.S. Air Force contracted bmh Equipment, Inc. to maximize its existing storage capacity.

UC Berkeley Art Screens: Art Racks


How to store hundreds of priceless tableaux works of art off-campus? You work with Montel and create a system of their Art Racks that breaks ground on a new guidance system for the existing rollers to supply a new and superior product to take care of our customers.

UC Berkeley Anthropology: High-Density Mobile Shelving

UC BERKELEY anthropology

Clearly one of our most challenging and rewarding projects that included precision planning, award-winning logistics, and customer service.