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Wheels and casters for every application! Swivel casters, fixed casters, heavy duty casters, light duty casters and much more.


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With over 34 years as a caster wheel supplier, BMH Equipment has been associated with some of the most trusted and esteemed brands of industrial and specialty casters and wheels in the world, because not only is the product important to your use and safety, but how well the manufacturer and caster wheel supplier does in getting the product supplied quickly and accurately. And, if there is a problem, how quickly and effortlessly it is taken care of. Good caster wheel suppliers need to be ready to understand and react professionally should there be any issues.

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Another task of caster wheel distributors is having casters in stock or within a few days reach so that repairs and maintenance can proceed in a timely fashion. The MRO segment of the industry is highly dependent on getting spare parts and replacements quickly and a good caster wheel distributor is important to a host of companies like Bakeries, Medical Institutions, Food Production, and High Tech industry. caster wheel distributors have to be ready when their customers need them.

BMH Equipment inc also provides OEMs and Resale Accounts wholesale caster wheels for specific needs in the manufacturing of wheeled products. Similarly, wholesale caster wheels are important when large quantities are needed to meet more stringent cost savings.