Armijo High School – Fairfield Ca

The Armijo Highschool was getting a new library. And BMH Equipment inc was getting something too….the chance of a lifetime to build a curved wall of library shelving.

Armijo HS Library Shelving & Storage

Besides the normal library shelving and display countertops for showing off new books, there was a very unique feature to this library…..a long curved wall of Montel AetnaStak Library Shelving. It took lots of engineering to create just the correct amount of jogging of the shelves to make sure the shelving wasn’t too far out of line and yet looking like it was following the curve of the wall like a little book train. This was achieved along with anchoring seismically so the curving bookshelf wouldn’t fall over in a Fairfield California shake.

A more customary storage room was fitted with an electric Montel Smart Shelf textbook storage system for all the annual needs for the various subjects and the need to store math, English, history, and language study books. 

Armijo HS Montel Library Shelving Units
Armijo HS Library Book Shelving System
Armijo HS Library Automatic Montel Shelving System
Armijo HS Library Electric Storage System