Beale Air Force Base

The U.S. Air Force contracted bmh Equipment, Inc. to maximize its existing storage capacity.

Beale Air Force Base warehouse storage

Rather than building a new warehouse, the U.S. Air Force contracted bmh Equipment, Inc. to maximize its existing storage capacity. In association with Montel, bmh designed and implemented an Electrical Mobilex HD industrial racking storage solution. The design includes pallet racks on 25-foot electrical carriages, each with a 30,000 pound capacity, integrated built-in controls, and a safety system using infrared detectors and audio-visual warnings.

In April of 2005, located in Marysville, Ca. and in association with Montel Inc. and Mecalux Pallet Racking, BMH Equipment implemented a state of the art Montel Electrical HD Mobile Pallet Rack System. This client was experiencing a significant volume increase in the communications equipment needed to be flown around the world from this location. They were faced with tearing down this warehouse to build a larger one. With the assistance of BMH Equipment, they were able to achieve all the storage needed in the existing building by consolidating with the Montel HD System. This system decreased the amount of square footage needed for storage by 50%. Effectively eliminating the need for a new warehouse. This enabled the client to save the costs of demolishing and re-building a new warehouse. This system of 25’ tall pallet racking on carriages has a load capacity of 30,000 lbs. and travels on steel tracks submerged into the concrete floor to allow large heavy-duty forklifts to drive into the building to load and unload the racking. This system is electronically operated and equipped with infra-red safety sensors as well as horns & strobing warning lights to ensure the safety of all persons near the system during operation. Give us a call to learn how you can maximize the efficiency of your company’s available space.

Beale Air Force Base Montel Warehouse Storage Installation
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Beale Air Force Base Warehouse Storage Installation
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