Mountain View Police Department

BMH Equipment installed an Electric Mobilex High Density Storage System for the Mountain View Police Department.

Mountain View PD: High-density Storage

In August of 2008, Located in Mountain View, Ca. In association with The Corner Office, BMH Equipment installed a revolutionary new type of communication and power transfer method known as “Power Track” Electric Mobilex High-Density Storage System.

No visible scissor arms looming overhead which in some cases allows space for another shelf level. Fully Electrically operated, this system uses push-button access, pin-code lockout features, Infra-red Human Presence Detectors, Toe Level Safety Stops, and Auto Spacing which in the case of a fire alarm being sounded, the system automatically opens all aisles to 8” allowing sprinklers to function effectively.

This client uses this system to store various types of Evidence. This system increased the amount of storage space they had in this room by 100%. Effectively doubling their available storage space and eliminating the need for another storage room. Learn how your company can use your space in an intelligent way. The world is going green. We can help you do your part to conserve our environment

Mountain View PD: High-density Mobile Storage
Mountain View PD: High-density Mobile Storage Racks
Mountain View PD: High-density Movable Shelving
Mountain View PD Montel Mobile Rack Storage System