Redding Police Department

As part of a large scale upgrade of the storage facilities in this Northern California City’s Police Department, BMH Equipment inc created a design for both personnel as well as evidence storage.

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Partnering with Tiffin and Montel, BMH Equipment inc created a more efficient use of space for several different needs of this police department. Both the personnel and the security of evidence were treated to enhanced upgrades. Previously worn and inefficient shelving and locker system were replaced by systems so rugged and sturdy that they will serve for decades to come. Our Tiffin lockers with powered interiors to keep equipment charged as well as safe were chosen for the hallway as well as the locker room. In the Evidence Storage area, both larger item storage on a Montel Electrical Mobile Shelving System, as well as Critical Passthrough lockers for proper treatment of new cases will make these tasks easier and more efficient with this new equipment.

Redding Police Montel evidence storage
Redding Police Personnel Lockers
Government storage Tiffin evidence lockers
Redding Police Tiffin Personnel Lockers solution
Redding PD Montel high density mobile storage
Redding PD Tiffin Personnel Lockers