San Francisco Art Commission

How to help a dynamic, local Bay Area public art institution create a combination storage and work area in a basement room with challenging utilities in the ceiling. Tim Lujan and Shane Chang worked together to meet these needs and challenges.

SF Art Commission museum art storage racks

Available space in the beautiful downtown building was going to have to be the basement for the storeroom/workroom combination for the SF Arts Commission. So, our team put their heads together and designed a system that took into consideration all the available space between air-handlers for the heating/cooling ducts and various plumbing obstructions overhead.  Creating a flexible variation of heights was our challenge which our team created by nipping and tucking to maximize all overhead space and still keep the utilities available to be worked on as needed. The Art Screens the mobile shelving and the static shelving all were maximized to make the most of a fluctuating ceiling.

Other neat features of this installation were large, flexible worktables we fabricated with Blickle casters that locked to create a “bench-like” stability. Also, you will be able to see a normally wasted surface on the back of the side panel of the mobile shelving, made available now to hang more art for staff to work on or just store more.