UC BERKELEY anthropology

Clearly one of our most challenging and rewarding projects that included precision planning, award-winning logistics, and customer service.

Planning because a large existing system had to be moved miles away and expanded with new Mobilex carriages and shelving. 

Logistics because these were very large pieces of painted sheet metal and they required moving tactics unfamiliar to us on this scale. Not only this, but delicate and priceless artifacts from millennia had to be carefully staged and moved and replaced on their appropriate shelf or uniquely designed drawer or removable Anthropology tray. 

Customer service because all of this activity needed the utmost care and focus to ensure the staff, the head of Anthropology, and the University were pleased with the process and end product.

As an indication of the success of all three of these, our team was hosted at an impromptu “Thank you” party after the last nut and bolt were turned.